Chartered structural engineer available across South West London, including Wandsworth, Lambeth and Merton.

We provide a structural engineering support service to clients such as:

  • Owners
  • Loss Adjusters
  • Insurance Companies
  • Solicitors

Typical Services


  • Structural appraisal of domestic properties
  • Investigation and diagnosis of defects
  • Specification and supervision of repairs.

Contractor’s Insurances

  • Risk assessment
  • Technical evaluation of claims.

Expert Witness

  • Preparation of specialist reports concerning structural defects.

Insurance of Buildings

  • Structural appraisal of properties
  • Investigation and diagnosis of defects
  • Specification and administration of remedial works contracts.

Party Walls

  • Preparation of condition surveys
  • Monitoring building performance during construction work.


Our service is available throughout South, West, and North West London, including Wandsworth, Lambeth, Fulham, Chelsea and Merton. The service includes the use of companies with whom we have long-standing working relationships, such as Drain Scan (London) Limited who do many of our site investigations, and carefully selected repair contractors.

The need to achieve fast and fair settlement of claims is recognised. We seek to achieve this whilst maintaining an overriding commitment to technical excellence to avoid repeat claims.

Each claim is unique. We pride ourselves on our ability to adapt and resolve the often conflicting technical and personal circumstances of each claim.

A full range of consultancy services is available through a network of practices in relevant professional disciplines

For further information we recommend visiting the Our Team page.

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