Structural Engineers are specialists in the design, construction, repair, conversion and extension of buildings and other structures both large and small. They are for example concerned with the foundations, walls, columns, beams and roof members which form a building’s structure and ensure its stability.

They are involved in the design and construction of small buildings like schools, houses and shop units as well as major projects such as bridges, office blocks, factories, sports stadia and hospitals.

When the stability of any property is affected by, for example, subsidence, fire, flooding or explosion, it is the Structural Engineer who will be able to determine the degree of damage and suggest the necessary remedial action.

A Structural Engineer may provide the following services:

  • Surveying land and buildings including monitoring cracks
  • Inspecting and reporting on the condition of a structure
  • Designing extensions and alterations to existing structure
  • Proposing remedial works such as underpinning or strengthening
  • Preparing alternative solutions and providing cost advice
  • Selecting and specifying materials
  • Preparing drawings and calculations
  • Obtaining tenders and Building’s Regulations’ consent
  • Administering a contract for construction or repairs
  • Advising on structural matters in legal cases and disputes

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